Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve
Camping Permits


Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve Special Use Permit Application (to be submitted by group leader):

Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve has been established to provide a protected area for native plants and animals.  Because of its status as a nature preserve, there are strict rules designed to minimize human impact on the natural environment.  Educational and recreational use of the preserve is encouraged provided the group's activities are not in conflict with the preserve's primary purpose.   This protected property may not be used for commercial recreational activities.

Special use category (please circle one):
1. Outdoor skills training such as scouts, rappelling, rock climbing, orienteering, etc.
2. Large group events such as weddings and family picnics (10 or more people)
3. Videography and filming
4. Scientific studies
5. Other (specify)___________________________________________________________________________

• All natural features within the Preserve (plants, animals, rocks, and artifacts) are protected.
• Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics are expected of all visitors.
• Littering is prohibited.  Everything brought in to the Preserve should be taken out. 
• Unreasonable noise or other disturbance is prohibited.
• This permit does not imply exclusive use of preserve property.

Permit requested by:



Contact Information_____________________________________________________________________________________

Location of Event on the Preserve ________________________________________________________________

Date of event________________________

Time beginning__________________    Ending_________________________

Number of people expected ________________________________________________




Your signature indicates that you are the person responsible for the party's compliance with these and all other preserve rules.

Note:  Information about CCCNP is available online on the Friends of Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve Facebook Page.  Photo albums "Introduction to the Preserve" and "Preserve Trail Maps and Hiking Guides" are of special interest to those planning an event on the preserve.

Additional information about your event may be added on the back of this sheet.





Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve Camping Permit (to be signed by each camper aged 12 and above): 

Information and Regulations

The preserve is a privately owned natural area established to provide a sanctuary for all living things. Camping on the preserve is by advance permission only. Camping is open to all, but preference is given to out-of-town visitors, families, and organized groups such as scouts that use the preserve for outdoor educational activities.

Requests for camping permission may be made by phone or e-mail (256.381.6301/ Prior approval with at least 24 hours notice is required.  There is no charge for camping on the preserve.

Camping rules are strictly enforced in order to protect the land from damage and to keep it in a pristine state for the enjoyment of visitors. Your future use of this property depends on your compliance with these rules. Noncompliance with any rule is considered a violation of the "terms of use" of the preserve.

1. Camping is allowed for access to the preserve hiking trails only.  This is not a recreational camping location.  Group size limited to 6, except by special permission (educational groups, scouts, organized hiking groups). Two-night limit per visit; one camping trip allowed per three-month period.

2. “Leave No Trace” Outdoor Ethics are to be followed at all times. Please leave no signs of your visit (trash, damage, etc.).  Campers are responsible for carrying out or properly disposing of all items they bring onsite. All food, including scraps, must be packed out and all liquids emptied from containers before placing in trash cans.  Information about Leave No Trace ethics available by request.

3. Camping is allowed at established campsites only. Campers at Small Point Camp Area may drive vehicles to the campsite for the purpose of loading and unloading gear only, except by permission.

4. Campers must arrive in time to safely set up camp before dark (Arrive no later than 2 hours before sunset). The Preserve access road is closed at dark. No entering or leaving by campers or visitors from dusk until dawn (vehicles must be parked in designated area by dusk and not leave until dawn).

5. Firearms and alcohol are not permitted on the preserve.  Enjoy nature!

6. Campfires are allowed by daily request only, as burn conditions permit. Please check before having any open fires. No living trees or “green wood” may be cut at any time. Leave nothing but ashes in the fire ring (no cans or foil). Campfires must be fully extinguished before breaking camp.

Each camper must sign below and leave contact information:

Date of visit:  __________________________ Campsite:  __________________________________

                    Name                                                                      Contact Information